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Motivated to Marry ® Dating Secrets Group Coaching Program

For Marriage Minded Individuals who have never been married, are divorced or widowed:

Finally, a Proven Step-by-Step System so You Can Find the Right Marriage-Minded Partner and Have the Love-Filled Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you frustrated with the dating merry-go-round?
  • Do you wonder if you will ever meet someone to marry and have a family?
  • Do you want to be more confident with dating?
  • Or do you easily meet people for dating and yet have difficulty finding the right person who wants a committed relationship leading to marriage?

If you are ready to learn a systematic methodology to dating and relationships with proven results of finding true love, then the Motivated to Marry group coaching program is perfect for you!

Join our group starting June 18th through August 13th, 2013.

By joining the Motivated to Marry Group Coaching Program you will …

bullet image Become more self-assured so you will feel more attractive to others
bullet image Tap into your core relationship values as the key to making a true love connection with the right one leading you to everlasting love.
bullet image Pinpoint where best to meet people with whom you will connect and share your values and life goals of marriage.
bullet image Create a targeted dating plan so you can finally meet the right one and stop putting all your energies towards this area of your life so you can live the life you truly desire.
bullet image Save precious time by learning how to evaluate a potential partner quickly and accurately so you don’t spend too much time in a relationship going nowhere or eliminate an appropriate partner.
bullet image Feel supported and encouraged with your dating efforts and not feel alone as you search for your life partner.
bullet image Have someone in your corner to support and help you take action so you won’t turn around and wonder where the last year went and still be at square one!

Here is what others have said about the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Group Coaching Program:

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Amy has helped me get my personal life focused. Now I am dating with greater clarity on who I am and what I want in a dating relationship. Also, I have gained a better understanding of what I want and need in a potential partner and am finding my dates more productive and targeted. I am no longer wasting time on those men who don’t mesh with my values. Thanks Amy!”

— Michele, Gaithersburg, MD (37 years old, now married)


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“After being in many relationships that did not work out the way I had wanted them to and with a desire to not keep repeating the same heartbreaking dating cycle, I joined Coach Amy’s Coaching Group to obtain her help and guidance.  Coach Amy’s structured approached made me realize what key elements were right for me in a relationship and how to shift my behavior to find the relationship that was more suitable for me and my lifestyle.  Had I not worked with Amy to make this change, I would probably have continued seeking relationships that are not best suited for me.  By the way, your advice was right on! ”

— Karen  (48, in a committed relationship)


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“The coaching has been very valuable and informative to me. Amy focused me on the areas of my life that needed improvement and gave me the tools to reinforce that focus. Together we came up with creative solutions to problems and strategies to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend Amy for anyone who feels frustrated with the dating world.”

—  Stewart, New York, NY (44 years old, now married)


Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn the inside information from a top relationship coach and to get a proven system that will make the most of your internet dating opportunities.

Just like any new skill or sport, you need to work on getting to your sweet spot- and that takes knowledge and practice!   Most of Amy’s clients were already dating online without success and had given up.

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Here’s what we’ll do together in your Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Group Coaching Program:

Class #1: What it takes to get the Motivated to Marry mindset – First, take the Motivated to Marry quiz to discover if you are truly Motivated to Marry.   Learn how you need to think about dating in order be Motivated to Marry.  What roadblocks you may have to clear away before you even consider getting out there to date to open the door to love.

Class #2: The 3 keys to being happy in a relationship – In this class we will discuss the 3 Biggies!  What has to be aligned in a relationship in order to give yourself the best chance of moving forward towards marriage?  These are the building blocks that help you create an effective dating plan for you.

Class #3: How to keep your confidence on solid ground while dating – In the choppy waters of dating and relationship, how to you keep your confidence afloat?  Here you will get some tools to boost your confidence and stay focused on what you have to offer in a relationship.  You will learn how to manage your negative thoughts so you can stay positive about dating.  Also, learn the dating turnoffs that you need to avoid and that you may be unwittingly doing, as well as some image tips for putting your best foot forward on a date.

Class #4: Where to meet a life partner that you will connect with – You will get a list of the best places to meet Motivated to Marry people who are ready for a relationship.  And learn what you need to take in account about yourself in order to put yourself in places where you will connect with the Right One.

Class #5: How to choose wisely who you date– Choosing the right people to date or weeding out inappropriate people is an art and a science!  You will learn what you need to take into account in order to keep you from wasting your time dating the wrong people.  Also, we will discuss how to look at the Motivated to Marry dating process, how to have a successful first date leading to the second (and third…) dates and other things to consider when are on the path to exclusive, commitment-oriented love.

Class #6: How to express your expectations and get what you want from a relationship! – Learn the skills necessary to look at the issues objectively that can stop you from achieving committed love.  Also, find out how to express what you need in a way that deepens your relationship instead of throws it off course.  You will also learn how to look at rejection in a positive way and the role it plays in dating.

Class #7: How to put your Motivated to Marry dating plan all together – In this class we put all the pieces together and create a dating plan that will work for you.  In every plan you need to set goals and a timeline.  What other considerations do you need to take into account?  Once your dating plan is in place, you will lock in your ideal marriage relationship vision with some cool tools!

Class #8: How to stay the course with Motivated to Marry dating – Once your plan is in place, you need to stay the course.   You will learn how to communicate who you are looking for so others will introduce you to the right people.  And uncover the kind of people who will support you and hold you accountable with your Motivated to Marry  dating efforts.

BONUSWhere to meet them brainstorm session – You will get your own personalized list of where you need to be in order to meet people you will be attracted to.  This list will be tailored to you based upon the information you share in this program.

BONUSSuccessful Internet Dating Program – You will get  Coach Amy’s step by step approach to internet dating that has gotten two-thirds of her clients in committed, long term relationships or marriages. You will get her complete step-by-step program including audios, transcripts, lesson guides, and helpful handouts.

BONUS – Motivated To Marry © e-book: This is Coach’s Amy original book that shows you how to date with a marriage minded focus. Is Your Partner Motivated to Marry and the Characteristics of a Motivated to Marry Person are the highlights of this book. Determine if you are motivated to marry or not!


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“It was important for me to have a clarifying list based upon my values, life goals and my non-negotiables as I was dating.  I had wasted too much time with men that had deal breaker items, but I still thought it would work out.  Coach Amy’s coaching program helped me focus and say ‘no’ sooner before feelings were involved.  She also teaches you how to overcome the negative voices to allow yourself to believe that your special someone is out there.  I met my husband a couple months after the program.   I am so glad that I did the work on myself with your coaching program to make sure that I was ready when I met Mr. Right and to have a healthy relationship and marriage.”

— Allison, (38 years old, now married)


This Program is Different.

Learning* + Action+ Support = LOVE !

You have read enough blogs and articles. You’ve been to seminars and workshops and yet nothing has worked yet.  It’s not your fault. You didn’t have the step by step lessons plus a targeted action plan and the support you need to keep you on the right path.

In this program, you get 8 live calls where you can learn and ask questions. You’ll also be fully supported in between calls with a private Members Forum, plus if you join the GOLD PACKAGE, you will have the chance to meet with me privately for three (3) one-on-one private coaching calls.  I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way as you learn how to date with confidence and find the love of your life!

We start June 18th through August 13th.

You can be dating quality people by the fall!

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Here’s How It Works:

8 Impactful Telephone Group Coaching Calls – join me as I walk you through all the steps to finding lasting love on live calls each week.  Here you will feel like you are sitting down with me and having an intimate conversation about how to date authentically and find the right one.  You’ll also have the chance to ask specific questions on each call and get support and critical insights from your group members Value $1600

8 Audio MP3’s Recordings – For each of the coaching calls, you will also get the audio recordings so you can download to your mp3 player or ipod, so you can listen in your car, at the gym, or wherever you want.    Value $500

8 Weekly Lesson-Action Guides – for each coaching call you will get worksheets, relevant articles and a series of powerful questions that will move you towards action!   Value $500

Private Member Forum – Here you will be participating with your like-minded group members for support, encouragement and brainstorming! I will also be participating for extra advice and support!  Value $800


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Plus I’ve Added a Very Special Opportunity to Give
You the Personal Support You Need!

Gold Package Upgrade – 3 Private 50 Minute Motivated to Marry Strategy Coaching Sessions – You will have a chance for me to personally address your issues and questions in our one on one telephone coaching session together to help you move forward to finding lasting love.    Value $750

This upgrade is only available to 4 Group Participants.

You Also Get These Valuable Bonuses!

BONUS – Where to Meet Them Brainstorm Live Coaching Call – Each person will get a chance to participate in a live bonus call group brainstorm session resulting in  a personalized list of where you need to be in order to meet people you will be attracted to based upon the information about yourself discovered in this program.  Value $147

BONUS – Successful Internet Dating Program – You will get Coach Amy’s step by step internet dating system that has gotten two-thirds of her clients in committed, long term relationships or marriages.  This program is helpful to novices, as well as, those who have been dating online for a while. Value $197

Motivated To Marry © e-Book: This is Coach Amy’s original book that shows you how to date with a marriage minded focus. Is Your Partner Motivated to Marry? and the Characteristics of a Motivated to Marry Person are the highlights of this book. Determine if you are truly motivated to marry or not!  (Priceless!)


I am so passionate about sharing this knowledge you that I m going to offer this at an incredible value!

The true value of this program.   My private clients pay me thousands of dollars to learn this critical, life changing relationship information. But I really want to make this a no-brainer for you so you can get off the dating treadmill and get the step-by-step training and support you need to find your true love.  So I’m making this super easy for you. 


[order_box_3 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]I’m a big believer in nothing ventured, nothing gained!  Every strategic investment in myself has paid off in so many ways beyond just money. I am living the life of my dreams because of the investments I made in myself, including a relationship coach.

I see a lot of people struggling when they don’t have to be struggling. My strongest belief is when you choose to EXPAND and INVEST in yourself, then that is when you’ll see the fruits of your efforts.

So this program isn’t going to cost $3000 or even $995.   My private clients pay me thousands of dollars to learn this critical, life changing relationship information to help them find and keep true love.

Your investment for this program plus the bonuses is only:
Choose the Package that works best for you:


$497 for one payment

Earlybird rate is $397 until 6/17/13

Or 3 payments of $197


Here you get the 3 private one-one-one coaching sessions

$1497 for one payment

Earlybird rate is $997 until 6/17/13

Or 3 payments of $397

Sign up today!  Limited Space Available.


Reserve Your Group Coaching Spot Today! We’re keeping the group size limited to keep the group a manageble size (20 people maximum) so you can get the personalized support you need! 

Why should I take this program?

Many others have had success with the Motivated to Marry® Methodology and so can you! Just see what they have to say:

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“I just wanted to send you a quick note to update you since your program. It’s amazing. I have met the man of my dreams and am now married to a man who shares my faith, my values and my life goals. I truly believe that your program made me visualize who would be a good partner for me so that I recognized it very quickly after we met. It is because of this program that I have achieved my goal of finding my true love marriage partner”

— Andrea (39 years old, married)


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“I have taken several classes, seminars and workshops to help me find true love and none worked until I participated in this coaching program. What was different was the emphasis on values and how to use our key relationship values to attract the right people into our lives. I also loved the THRIVE model that help me stay grounded in what I do offer to a relationship. I followed your methodology and applied it to my online dating. I met my significant other through online dating. Amy’s suggestions are on the mark. I have been in a fulfilling relationship for over 3 years.”

— Leslie (52 years old, in a committed relationship)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where will the coaching group take place?

This is a tele-group. You will be given a bridge telephone line to call into – it’s that easy. So you will be in the comfort of your home. Participants can be from anywhere in the USA and Canada.

What if I miss the coaching calls?

All the coaching sessions are recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience. I encourage you to email me any questions you have about a particular class material that I can address in the coaching call you miss.  Also, I will answer questions in the group forum.

What is the size of the group?

The group will be a maximum of 8 people.  Given how busy people are, it is most likely one or two will not be able to be on the coaching call live.  This is small enough so you can get individual attention on the coaching call and yet enough people to have diverse input and perspectives.

Will I get any one-on-one support?

It depends on the package you choose (Gold or Silver).  With the GOLD PACKAGE, you get three (3) 50 minute private sessions with me on the telephone.  My clients have told me that these sessions have been impactful.  I will conduct your values clarification in our first session together.  That is the fundamental information you need to be able to connect more successfully with the right person.  Then we will address what is holding you back from really meeting the right person and how to best move forward given your personality, values and personal situation.   IF you are an earlybird group member, you may be eligible for additional private coaching time with me.  Also, I will answer your questions through the forum and on the weekly coaching calls.  Also, you may be able to upgrade to private monthly coaching with Coach Amy if a private coaching spot is open.

How much time will it take?

The sessions will run one hour. It may run over though. I am known to be generous with my students. The group will meet on consecutive Tuesday evenings at 9 pm EST.  It helps to print the lesson guides and do some pre-work before the call. That will make the coming week’s coaching call a better learning experience.

How long will the coaching group run?

The group will run 8 weeks and meet weekly unless there is a holiday or such.

When will the next group begin?

This group currently takes place about twice a year. We begin on June 18th at 9 pm EDT (2013).

What can I expect to get out of this coaching group?

  • You will not feel alone while going through the dating process.
  • You will be with similar-minded people!
  • You will be paired up with a buddy for accountability.
  • You will follow my Motivated to Marry® Methodology to dating and relationships that has helped so many of my clients. Everything is spelled out step by step.
  • You will receive a copy of my books: Motivated to Marry – Now There’s a Better Method to Dating and Relationships and Get It Right This Time™ – How To Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship. These are your practical guides to finding lasting love.
  • You may be eligible, under the GOLD PACKAGE, for One-on-One private coaching with Coach Amy to address your personal dating issues that will be supportive, and yet impactful to help you move your goals forward.  You get three (3) 50 minute sessions with her.  If you sign up for the GOLD earlybird*, you get an additional hour of coaching!  That’s 4 hours of results oriented coaching.

We will begin the first month by preparing you to go out to date by clarifying your values, life goals, must haves and roadblocks. We will cover how to date with a Marriage Minded Mindset, Dating Turnoffs, how image and body language impacts your dating success, Dating Do’s and Dont’s, how to build confidence to date, what the opposite sex expects from you, where and how to look for your commitment minded mate, how to handle rejection, how and when to have success with internet dating, how to be attractive to others, when to bring up the “M” word in the dating process, who you should be looking to date, what are the qualities of Motivated to Marry® Mate and put together a personalized dating plan for you to work from, By the end of the program you will have a better sense of who is the right one for you, where you will find him or her and how to make a lasting connection.

It’s time to stop doing the same things over and over again and still you are single and all alone.

Are you ready to learn the right way to find and keep your romantic relationship of your dreams?

Make the investment in yourself
that will change your life!

I have helped hundreds of marriage minded individuals fine tune their dating to mating, and I can hlep you get on the direct path to finding Lasting Love with the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Group Coaching Program.

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Reserve your coaching spot today!

$1497 for one payment

Earlybird rate is $997 until 6/17/13

Or 3 payments of $397

Limited to 20 participants only.


Still not sure?

Do you want to find out if this program is right for you?

If you have questions you can email me at,
and I will follow up with you within 24 hours. 

Also go to and see my testimonials
with pictures of my happy client couples!

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Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets

In this coaching program I will receive:

Training: Step-by-step training, so there is no overwhelm, including audio MP3’s, worksheets and relevant articles.  You will gain the clarity of who is your best match and where (and how) to find him or her.

Action: Impactful questions with each training module to propel you into to fast action without overwhelm.

Support: 2 months of Group Coaching Calls where you can get laser coaching and support from me as your coach and relationship guru.   You will have my support of one-on-one coaching with the Gold Package.   I will help you stay on track!

Support and Community: You get access to the exclusive forum group area where you can get valuable feedback and connect with other marriage minded singles in the program.

Special Earlybird Bonus: You will get one private on- on-one coaching call with Coach Amy with the Silver Package that you can schedule during the 2 months of this program.  Gold Package clients get my most sought after Values Clarification Session that helps you hone in on who you need to be looking for.

Plus all the other special bonuses!

Choose the Package that works best for you:


$497 for one payment

Earlybird rate is $397 until 6/17/13

Or 3 payments of $197


Here you get the 3 private one-one-one coaching sessions

$1497 for one payment

Earlybird rate is $997 until 6/17/13

Or 3 payments of $397


[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 100% Money Back Guarantee”]

The Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching Program is RISK-FREE. I stand behind it with a 100% guarantee. Because I know when you implement these doable strategies that you’ll learn, you’ll be on your way to success. All you have to do is listen to all 8 Audio MP3s, thoroughly work through Lesson Guides, and show up for our coaching sessions. That’s it. After that, if you honestly believe you didn’t get a thing you could use to improve your dating and relationships from my program, e-mail me at  info @ and I’ll gladly refund your money in exchange for your feedback. That’s how much I believe that this program will help you illuminate your path to finding your true love.


I look forward to helping you find committed, lasting love.

Warm wishes,

Coach Amy, Founder of Motivated to Marry® Dating Secrets

p.s. How much is it worth to you to finally get crystal clear on how to find and connect with true love with total confidence?  That’s what this program will help you do.  Do yourself a favor and MAKE A DECISION before you jump off this page.  Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions.  Get Started now!  (You will get access to the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Program and you can start working with the materials right away.


Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets

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