Motivated To Marry Free Teleclass – January 2014

  • Do you want to find true love in 2014?
  • Are you tired of being on the dating merry-go-round?
  • Are you frustrated by not meeting the right people who want a serious relationship?
  • Do you stay in the wrong relationships too long?

Learn how to stop wasting your precious time dating the wrong people and discover:

The 3 Keys to Finding Your Perfect Love Match

In this FREE teleclass you will learn:

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  • How to quickly tell if your date has what it takes to make a lasting, committed relationship – in 3 dates or less!
  • The 3 key areas that need to line up with someone for you to really move towards a committed, serious relationship in a very short time.
  • What most people are off the mark with when they’re looking for true love?  This alone is why most people pick the wrong people.  (the answer is NOT chemistry!)
  • The most important characteristic you need to look for that will ensure your relationship stands the test of time.
  • And much more!


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[features_box_grey width=”80%” + border=”2px”]”Excellent Teleclass. Amy is a very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. I loved hearing the personal stories. I can’t wait to hear her again for another teleclass!” — Gail, Washington, DC”[/features_box_grey]

[features_box_grey width=”80%” + border=”2px”]”Amy is very insightful! She makes a difficult topic easy and comfortable to talk about. It was definitely worth my time to come to the teleclass!”   — Adam, Gaithersburg, MD.[/features_box_grey]

Amy Schoen specializes in helping marriage-minded people create and nurture lifelong relationships, and build the family lives they so desire. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Amy combines her whole life coaching, her incredible life experiences, and her gift for visualization to help her clients – many of whom have struggled to find love – connect with the Right One to form fulfilling, committed relationships that align with their values and goals, especially when it comes having a family life. Her proprietary Motivated to Marry® Dating Secrets Coaching Program enables people to discover what they truly want and need, and then guides them into finding love without changing who they are. Amy has helped her clients experience exceptional results through online dating, and takes pride in saving them the precious time and energy it really requires to find a “perfect” match.  Plus, Amy knows firsthand just how important it is to create a happy, lasting relationship and a satisfying family life.   After divorcing her first husband in her mid-thirties with no children, Amy remarried her husband Alan at 42. Despite struggling with infertility, Amy gave birth to their son when she was 48. Realizing the importance of perseverance during the journey to a life filled with love, family, and fulfillment, Amy feels fortunate to be helping others to create their ideal lives.

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